“Hope is the Thing”

From BJ Hollars ’07

As a writer, I’ve been trying to find ways for people to connect, even from a distance. And so, I started the “Hope Is The Thing” Project, a statewide, collaborative writing project in which Wisconsinites share what’s bringing them hope during this dark time. Borrowing from Emily Dickinson’s poem title, “Hope Is The Thing With Feathers,” writers are asked to replaced “Feathers” with that which is currently giving them hope.

The submissions have been incredible. We’re publishing a new piece every day. Here’s a new video/article on the virus which I created for Volume One Magazine here in Wisconsin.

Blogging to help people get through

From Benjamin Reeves ’11

I’ve started publishing a free daily newsletter with recommendations on what to watch while people are in quarantine. It’s something small, but hopefully it will help people get through their time indoors a little easier. I’m also inviting film professionals and screenwriters to provide guests posts in an effort to give people otherwise out of work some exposure.

The person really doing the hard work, though, is my wife, Mary Florence Sullivan. She’s a social worker for the NYC Mayor’s Office and runs a domestic violence program for three boroughs. In the past week, she’s converted the entire program to remote and is operating it out of our living room with a stack of laptops and cell phones. Incredible.