Humor and song

From William Budding ’13

I’m providing my work team with daily jokes and humor to keep us all laughing during the days while we work from home full-time.

As a choir singer, my choir in Boston has organized online sing-a-longs so that we can stay connected through music.

One good deed a day

From Topper Steinman ’70

During this unprecedented challenging COVID-19 crisis, I am hoping (and mostly succeeding) in doing one extra good deed a day. Lots of time on my hands.

Some small accomplishments thus far: Giving blood, writing a note of affirmation to someone about something, Zoom chat re: volunteer opps in our community, staying inside, notes/funnies to 4 grandkids (ages 18, 13, 5 and 2), keeping six-foot space when grocery shopping (and eyeballing those who don’t), sending positive messages/articles in our newspaper to others I know, phone calls to folks in need – to name a few.

I am failing in the “bugging my wife less than normal” category. Recent conversation:

Me: “I miss my freedom.”

My Wife: “I miss your freedom, too.”

And such goes the strains of living in a different world now. Best to All at Knox – and those like us who were “reached and touched” by Knox back in the day. Thanks for this unique outreach to us. To all: Stay safe and healthy!

Be eager, be ready, and be hungry

From Stefano Viglietti ’91

We are definitely struggling right now, but my Knox education is serving me well as we navigate these times with creative and interesting ideas to help bridge to the other side.

Our time at Knox prepared us to be able to create a culture of smart and compassionate people who are nimble and responsive in times like this. We will be okay. To the Knox community and students I would say: do not be discouraged, be excited. In times such as these, the best and brightest will flourish. Though not all students may realize it yet, (I didn’t at the time), you are prepared to go into the world and make a difference. Though many of you may end up doing something other than what you expected, that’s okay.

Be eager, be ready, and be hungry; you may perhaps do a job you didn’t anticipate or want originally. The key is to get started somehow on something. Stay positive, as this too shall pass. I am confident that Knox students will go out and make sure that the world is for sure a better place when we come out the other side. The world needs Knox graduates now more than ever!! Be proud, hold your head high, and say, “I went to Knox College.”

Love cures all

From Harold Ziehr, friend of Knox College

Thank you, and peace and health be with all of you. Yes, keeping out of trouble in beautiful downtown Wataga, walking around the block, passing out “Love Hearts” for neighbors’ windows, but being thankful for Knox and all it instills in those that come in contact with it.

The foundation of life and everything that goes with it, the good and the challenges, is LOVE. The expression of love cures all. The nation seems to be in trouble on all fronts, and it is screaming for love, and endless LOVE. Love to all.

Library resources for online students

From Erin Bell ’13

Hello! Class of 2013 alumnus here. I am a medical librarian an a nursing college in Chicago. We transitioned to a 100 percent online teaching format last week, which included the library services. I am still assisting students virtually in much the same way as when I was physically in the library on campus (research database help, locating articles, looking for e-resources). 

However, now that we are working remotely, we are increasingly using our connections with other libraries in similar situations to glean as many free resources as possible. This includes locating all the required textbooks as free/open access ebooks through other institutions and vendors, finding free webinars, conferences, and meetings that our faculty or student body might be interested in, and simply exploring the many ways that we can connect virtually with our students. 

It’s been an adjustment for us all, but I’m hopeful that some of these new discoveries we have made as a library team & as a school will continue to grow even after we’ve rejoined on campus.

Red Cross blood donations help

From Mel Arney, retired employee

In Springfield, Ill., on Monday, March 23, a standing-room-only crowd of potential blood donors flocked to a hastily scheduled American Red Cross blood drive. People were “social distancing” in the waiting areas as best they could, while waiting for at least two hours. One donor—clearly a regular, since the staff knew him—ordered pizza for the Red Cross staff to have lunch as they kept working to turn “potential” donors into “actual” ones.

The Red Cross staff were working with gloves only, no masks, to leave the local masks for those doing sustained patient care. I was so proud of and thankful for those blood drawers and volunteers, and equally proud of my fellow community members!