Creating art to help get through

From Megan Williamson ’82

It is a new world we are in, and we are in it together. What can we do to help one another get through these heavy days? I was moved and inspired by the Italian balcony serenades. I don’t know any arias, but I have been working on a series of five-foot circus banner paintings and decided to hang them in front of our house. I change them out every few days.

I have also recently finished a commission for Rush University Hospital’s pediatric oncology infusion waiting room. This hospital has taken such good care of my family that I was thrilled to be able, as an artist, to give something back. I want the work to help the waiting children and their parents imagine themselves somewhere else–in a beautiful, inviting, and happy place.

To go along with the painting I did five ink drawings of the dogs in the painting. Once the painting is installed, we hope to have copies of them on hand in the waiting room for children to color and take home.

For regular updates on these projects and images from the studio, find me on Instagram @mwmson773. That, friends, is my update. I continue to work in the studio, and I look forward to announcing more news, exhibitions, and events. Be well.

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