Remote medical care–trust science!

From Lisa Gould ’81

As a plastic surgeon specializing in wound care, I am working daily to keep my patients safe at home if possible. My clinic has instituted telephone prescreening and in-person screening for all patients as well as telemedicine to provide care to those who should not be coming to clinic.

We firmly believe that wound care is an essential service and that continuing to care for our patients in the safest possible manner will help to reduce hospital admissions, thereby allowing more room and resources for the COVID-19 patients. I still have patients who need operations, but we are not performing any elective surgeries, which I have defined (based on guidance from the American College of Surgeons and from our colleagues in Spain and Italy) as any surgery that can safely be put off for two months.

We are working to expand telehealth capability and encouraging CMS to relax the rules so that we can continue to care for our patients remotely. The CARES act is a tremendous start to this effort.

I wish all to stay safe, act responsibly and trust science.

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