One good deed a day

From Topper Steinman ’70

During this unprecedented challenging COVID-19 crisis, I am hoping (and mostly succeeding) in doing one extra good deed a day. Lots of time on my hands.

Some small accomplishments thus far: Giving blood, writing a note of affirmation to someone about something, Zoom chat re: volunteer opps in our community, staying inside, notes/funnies to 4 grandkids (ages 18, 13, 5 and 2), keeping six-foot space when grocery shopping (and eyeballing those who don’t), sending positive messages/articles in our newspaper to others I know, phone calls to folks in need – to name a few.

I am failing in the “bugging my wife less than normal” category. Recent conversation:

Me: “I miss my freedom.”

My Wife: “I miss your freedom, too.”

And such goes the strains of living in a different world now. Best to All at Knox – and those like us who were “reached and touched” by Knox back in the day. Thanks for this unique outreach to us. To all: Stay safe and healthy!

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