Online teaching

From Courtney Wiles Taylor ’02

As a teacher, it’s been rough trying to go to online or distance learning especially for my kindergarten class. But parents have been really responsive. We communicate through an app called Class Dojo. I have been able to create a Google Classroom and have been successful in having some students join.

I teach in Las Vegas in a Title I school that provides free breakfast and lunch for all students. Our school district is the 5th largest in the country. We were able to provide 300,000 out of our 320,000 with free food at 20 high school locations, as well as free distance learning opportunity weekly packets. This is accessible for all students, especially because many don’t have computers or tablets, or online connectivity.

It’s been wonderful to receive photos of student & their work from parents. I do daily read alouds and post them. I plan on calling students next week to check in & see if they learned their March sight words. My husband is the Title I PE assistant at my school and does one hour of custodial work. We are union & able to still get paid. We are keeping busy with online learning.

The governor of Nevada did the same as governor of Illinois: only essential places are open. Hopefully people will understand the severity of this virus and stay home or social distance themselves. Thank you for checking up on us. I am blessed to have a loving husband and coworkers. We meet on Google Hangouts for meetings and even Happy Hour yesterday after school hours.

Wishing you & everyone at Knox a safe journey ahead.

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