Library resources for online students

From Erin Bell ’13

Hello! Class of 2013 alumnus here. I am a medical librarian an a nursing college in Chicago. We transitioned to a 100 percent online teaching format last week, which included the library services. I am still assisting students virtually in much the same way as when I was physically in the library on campus (research database help, locating articles, looking for e-resources). 

However, now that we are working remotely, we are increasingly using our connections with other libraries in similar situations to glean as many free resources as possible. This includes locating all the required textbooks as free/open access ebooks through other institutions and vendors, finding free webinars, conferences, and meetings that our faculty or student body might be interested in, and simply exploring the many ways that we can connect virtually with our students. 

It’s been an adjustment for us all, but I’m hopeful that some of these new discoveries we have made as a library team & as a school will continue to grow even after we’ve rejoined on campus.

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