Be eager, be ready, and be hungry

From Stefano Viglietti ’91

We are definitely struggling right now, but my Knox education is serving me well as we navigate these times with creative and interesting ideas to help bridge to the other side.

Our time at Knox prepared us to be able to create a culture of smart and compassionate people who are nimble and responsive in times like this. We will be okay. To the Knox community and students I would say: do not be discouraged, be excited. In times such as these, the best and brightest will flourish. Though not all students may realize it yet, (I didn’t at the time), you are prepared to go into the world and make a difference. Though many of you may end up doing something other than what you expected, that’s okay.

Be eager, be ready, and be hungry; you may perhaps do a job you didn’t anticipate or want originally. The key is to get started somehow on something. Stay positive, as this too shall pass. I am confident that Knox students will go out and make sure that the world is for sure a better place when we come out the other side. The world needs Knox graduates now more than ever!! Be proud, hold your head high, and say, “I went to Knox College.”

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